Friday, January 1, 2010

Jet-Setter Lifestyle

There's something about movies involving jet-setters that is appealing. The movie, Up in the Air, illustrates the interesting world of Ryan Bingham, played by George Clooney, as an avid flier. The smell of recycled air, the relative calm amidst the crowd, and concierge service...

This movie reminded me of one of my favorite films, Elizabethtown. Kirsten Dunst plays the character of a stewardist, Claire Colburn. Claire is care-free and really good at reading people. I love the scene where Claire is sitting with Drew Baylor, played by Orlando Bloom. You can almost taste of fresh dew from the morning air. It's very relaxing.

I could quote several quotes from this film. My favorite is when Claire tells Drew, "You failed, you failed, you failed. So what? You think I care about that? You want to be really great? Then have the courage to fail big and stick around. And make them wonder why you're still smiling."

I watch this movie when I'm feeling down. I usually skip over the boring parts, but there are some epic scenes.

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