Sunday, January 31, 2010

Drought of Tears

What a loaded weekend, and it's not even over. I've been dealing with a loss of a friend, the regular hustle and bustle of college, and other minute details. But everything seems small compared to the world's needs.

Photograph by Ruth Fremson for the New York Times.

According to Marc Lacey, most of the people in Haiti are devastated beyond tears. Lacey stated, "This is a country, if ever there was one, that needs to sob and bawl and soak the damaged earth with tears." The people of Haiti suffered from hunger and poverty before the tragic earthquake, and now this is just one more blow. They have become so hardened into survival mode that it is difficult to show their emotions.

"In calamity, the effort to survive can steal the will to stop and cry. "

Please keep Haiti in our thoughts and prayers.

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