Thursday, December 31, 2009

Instrument of Choice

(Taken with a Canon SD 600 during finals week. Studying on the beach was a bright idea!)

A few more days until I leave for my volunteer trip to South America. I have been thinking about which camera to take. So many options these days, and there are benefits to digital and manual.

I could take the Canon SD 600. It's reliable, compact, and has good resolution. 6.0 megapixels.

I would like to take the Nikon D40. It's a handy-dandy digital SLR with the basic features. 6.1 megapixels. I haven't used it that much so this would be a great chance for me to practice.

Nikon manual slr is also a great option. My dad bought one a few decades ago, and I enjoyed using it when I took my photography class. It's fun to play with aperture and lens.

And then there is the ultimate instrument of choice: a disposable camera. I love how easy they are to use, and the results I get from the photo lab is always a fun surprise.

Decisions, decisions... I am tempted to get a Holga camera. Ever since my photography teacher explained how light gets into the film and creates amazing photos, I have been keeping an eye on the Holga. But I should get more usage out of the cameras I have before I embark on another purchase.

What would you suggest? Nikon, Canon, or Funsaver?

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